Casual days: Light Denim x The Royale

July 20, 2017 Comments Off on Casual days: Light Denim x The Royale
Hi my lovelies, Its been a while since I posted as I’ve been super duper busy with traveling!!
Many of you probably do not know this about me, but out of all types of shoes I wear, sneakers are my favourite! I probably wear sneakers 99.8 % of the time due to how comfortable they are compared with heels and flats!! The Royale in Blush Mono from GREATS definitely made it to the top 3 footwears I’ve been wearing this summer.
Greats brand offer numerous minimal and amazingly good quality sneakers. Did you know that every pair of Greats shoes are handmade in Italy by the world’s most renowned craftsmen! They also only use premium Italian materials such as full grained leather to make their footwear. I highly recommend you to invest in a pair of these Royale sneakers if you do not own a pair of minimal sneakers, you definitely will not regret it.
Here are some pictures of how I styled these sneakers in summer:
I found that blush pink goes so well with light coloured denim jeans and skirts, these sneakers are perfect for both smart casual and casual wear. They fit like a glove and are extremely comfortable! The inside cushioning makes me feel like I’m walking on clouds ~
They’re $179 USD for a pair, I find them reasonably priced for the how amazing the quality of the shoes are.
Sizing : These shoes run a bit small, so it is better for you to go half size up if you are purchasing a pair.
P.S. They are offering free shipping for purchases over $75 USD!