Colourpop Goodness ( Swatches)!

May 11, 2017 Comments Off on Colourpop Goodness ( Swatches)!

Colourpop definitely did it again! If you know me personally you’ll know how much I am obsessed with Colourpop Cosmetics! From their affordability to their high-quality and cruelty-free standards, no wonder Colorpop top’s my list of favourite lipsticks.

I will be showing you a range of products including my favourite Ultra Matte Lippies!!!

I was fortunate enough to interview Hannah from Colourpop and she was able to answer a few questions, here are the two that interest me the most :

Where did the name Colourpop come from?
Because we are a brand that LOVES color, we kept saying “pop of color, pop of color” when we were brainstorming names… and we eventually came up with the name ColourPop!
It didn’t take long for Colourpop to become one of the post popular brands online. Why do you think the success happened so fast?
ColourPop became successful so fast because at the time ColourPop launched there was a gap in the market for high quality products at a low price point.


Product Review
Ultra Matte Lip
These are probably one of the most durable wearing lipsticks ever, lasting me anywhere from 6 to 8 hours. I usually only need to touch up if I eat something greasy! So if you are looking for lastingness, I would say the Ultra Matte range is definitely your top choice!
Ultra Satin Lip
These are the new alternative to Ultra Matte liquid lipstick. In comparison with the Ultra Matte lippies,  the Ultra Satin Lip formula is more mousey in texture and less dry on the lips , but the trade-off is these are not as long lasting and they tend to transfer since it doesn’t completely dry off.
Here are some swatches below, I use them almost everyday because these colours suit me so well~
 First is Viper- dusty rose colour but this one seems out of stock on their website right now so If you would like to purchase this you gotta wait 🙁
This second one is Baracuda from the Ultra Satin range. You can tell from the picture that it has a matte finish as well but it does not dry completely!!
Beeper is the best nude tone I own, it fits everyday wear for sure!
Lastly, from the Ultra Matte range we have “Time Square”, which is a muted pink beige colour! Can’t stop wearing this one as well.
This one is from the Alexis Ren x Colourpop range called Blotted Lip ~
It gives a sheer matte finish that creates a perfect popsicle pout! The formula for this one is super lightweight, matte toned and applicable for light to medium coverage!
The Blotted Lipstick range is much lighter than the Ultra Satin/Ultra Matte range.
I do not have a swatch for this eye-shadow BUTTTTTT I have been using this for my everyday eye makeup. I personally do not wear eyeliner but this definitely makes my eyes brighter 🙂
I love how creamy and highly pigmented their Pressed Powder Shadows are, and also how the finish gives this silky look.
To sum up: If you are new to liquid matte lipsticks, I would suggest you to start off by using the Ultra Satin range as they are not as “drying”, but definitely go for the Ultra Matte range if you are lazy like me 🙂
You probably guessed by now, but I am extremely satisfied with Colourpop! To sum it all up, their products are high quality, unique, and super affordable.
Ultra Matte Lippies $6
Ultra Satin Lippies $6
Eye-shadow $5
Check out their E-Store  !