Joël Robuchon – Las Vegas MGM Grand

February 8, 2017 6 Comments

As a foodie, visiting Joël Robuchon’s flagship restaurant is a must when visiting Vegas. Although I have been to many of Joël Robuchon’s restaurants around the world, I got to say that this experience is by far the best.

For those that do not know, Joël Robuchon is the highest ranked French chef in the world with over 30 Michelin stars. Therefore, there is no doubt that this flagship restaurant offers one of the world’s best dining experiences. The instant we stepped into  the restaurant we were greeted by all the hostess and then the manager, who then walked us to our table. The chandelier instantly caught my eyes as soon as I walked in, you would not believe that it is worth more than half a million USD!

The main dining room is a mixture of French Art Nouveau and Louis XIV style furnishing, the perfect lighting and the purple colour scheme made it very cosy and comfortable to dine in.

After you enter the restaurant you will see these famous and utterly divine bread and mignardises dessert carts. The butter for the bread cart is imported directly from France!!!!!I couldn’t resist, I had to order more butter as it was soooo good!!


Every aspect of our personalised menu’s been carefully thought through and presented well.

(Baguette, brioche. bacon epi, milk bread etc.)


Our first dish was the Le Cavier Imperial- Oscetra Caviar served atop of king crab in a crustacean gelée dotted with cauliflower puree. So much respect for the chef for making this dish as you can tell how much effort you need to put in for the presentation.


This second dish is La Truffle Noire- Shaved black truffles (MY FAVOURITE) and potatoes with olive oil, topped with carpaccio of foie gras (ALSO MY FAVOURITE).

Next up- La Langoustine- Truffled langoustine ravioli served with simmered cabbage and foie gras sauce.


La bar- Pan fried sea bass with five spices served with versus sauce ( This is probably one of my favourite dish of the night, the sauce was simply just top notch!


My third favourite would be this dish- Beef Châteaubriand and foie gras, ” Rossini” style!


Lastly, we have: La Chocolat – chocolate and brandy soaked cherry griottine “Black Forest” – This is by far the cutest dessert I’ve had this year!


Finally, here’s the seductive sweets platter from the dessert cart for us to enjoy with our coffee/tea/ red wine 😀 (The cart contains more than 30 sweets made fresh daily, we could pick anything we want from it, but our host selected for us,because I was too indecisive).



Females were then presented with a gift right before we left the restaurant. Here is a picture of me with my goodie bag by Robuchon before we left the Casino at the MGM Grand’s private/ VIP entrance, guess what was inside the bag?


I would suggest anyone visiting Vegas to try this place out, as I believe it is worth the money 🙂


February 1, 2017


  • Queenie Kuo

    Joel robuchon, one of the chefs in the world that has earned the most Michelin stars- having the chance to dine at one of his flagstaff restaurant in vegas is such a great opportunity! Must be a great experience!

  • Okay, OMG this food just looks so amazing.

  • Jamie

    Did you try the jambunbun? Heard it’s delicious!

  • Back in the days when I stayed at MGM Grand there sure wasn’t anything as luxurious as that and if I’m ever to visit them again I HAVE to visit this amazing Joel Robuchon restaurant!

  • OMG!!! Everything looks so delicious and divine! I bet you had a great time there ❤ I’ll definitely should visit this place, when I’m in Vegas. Great post, thanks for sharing.

    Cheers, Eliza |

  • Dear Vivian,
    This is truly magnificent. Last time I was in Vegas I was amazed by so many hotels/ venues but nothing compares to the Joel Robuchon restaurant! Oh my goodness! Butter from France !! Count me in!
    Yours truly,